MeToo is about empowering women

The social media campaign ‘Me Too’ is about empowering women to feel safe
enough to speak out about sexual assault and harassment
Through Social media the campaign has been a really good foundation for women to
actually be able to speak out and do so safely.
The whole idea of the campaign is about empowering women to do so.
Numbers, when it comes to #MeToo, are important. They show a lot of different
things: how powerfully something resonated, where it found the most audience
members, who was most attracted to and energized by it, and what sparked new
surges of popularity. This is particularly important considering the enduring taboo
around discussing sexual assault and harassment, among both male and female
victims. These numbers show what many women already knew: that people all over
the world experience sexual harassment and assault, and every culture needs to do
something about it.
The unexpectedly widespread nature of #MeToo is revealed in other data, too. The
hashtag and its translations around the world have trended in 85 different countries in
It’s not fair to use this data to declare specific countries have a “problem” with sexual
assault; some national cultures may be more comfortable discussing sexual assault
out loud than others, for example. What this does seem to reveal is that it’s a
seriously worldwide issue, even in places which have reputations for high levels of gender equality.
The entire point of the #MeToo phenomenon was to make the scale of sexual
harassment and assault worldwide highly visible — and it has, in ways that perhaps
nobody predicted. Simply visibility, of course, isn’t enough — and the fact that this
hashtag has encouraged more allegations against prominent male abusers to be
made public is a good thing. But the way in which people are talking about assault
and harassment is now more open than ever before, and can teach us about the
problem in unprecedented ways.
Altogether, this #metoo hashtag could actually change the world to a better place in
general and for women in particular.

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